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   by Edmund Berkeley, Jr.

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Letter from Robert Carter to Richard Meeks, June 30, 1729

     Robert Carter writes to his manager, Richard Meeks, June 30, 1729, to give him instructions concerning the tobacco that is to be loaded on a sloop that is coming up the river, and to alert him that Joseph Belfield has cast many aspersions on him in his letter to Carter protesting his firing as the doctor for Carter's plantations under Meeks direction.

Letter from Robert Carter to Richard Meeks, June 30, 1729

-1 -

Corotom [an, Lancaster County, Virginia]     
June 30. 1729

Richard Meeks

     My Sloop sailed yesterday Morning I gave
her Dick Haynes the best orders I could for all Baxters Tobacco for the hogshead
of Colonel Balls which I sent you the note for For another hogshead
that Baxter promised to have ready for me for 6 hogsheads of the
Secretarys Ordered me by Captain Turberville for the 3 hogsheads of
the [tobacco mark] for a hogshead Minor Promised me for All the Tobacco
you have for me both in the Upper and lower Parts of the Coun
ty and also for a hogshead I have at Mr Hewletts in Northumber:
land that rolls to Cone Besides these my Orders I have Ordered him
to you to give him the Clearest Orders Possibly you Can to prevent
his blunders and that he may leave none of my Tobacco behind

-2 -

      I have further

     If he gets all these Tobaccoes he will not be above
half loaded I have Ordered him if you Can find him it 1/2 a dozen
or half a Score hogsheads of Corn that will be tolerable convenient for his taking
in that he brings it with him

     I have received A letter from Doctor Belfield where
in he Expresses Abundance of wrath at his being dischargd
of my business he is tolerably good Mannered to me but gives
you a great many Scurilous contemptible Characters I [illegible]
[illegible] And that his reputation seems so high that he will call
you to An Accot for your Aspersions of him I dare him to be:
gin As soon as he will I let you know this that you may prepare
All the Evidences that you can get Among my Overseers and others
of his great Negligence in not Visiting my sick people when
sent for and giving them Pokes and other unwarrantable potions
of his Own Contrivance that Cost him Nothing in good and lauda:
ble medicines that come out [of] England

     I hope your Crops are All standing and your
corn fields laid by

      You know a great Part of my dependence for hogs
flesh is Upon my Plantations Under your care and brave
they are for raising of hogs in Plenty I must put
you in mind that you take Effectual care that large num:
bers of Pigs be raised at Every Quarter that the breeding
sows are well fed and kept in good heart for the doing of
                                                                which there

-3 -

wants not Plenty of Corn I am.

              Your Friend


Source copy consulted: Letter book, 1728 August-1731 July, Robert Carter Papers (acc. no. 3807), Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library, University of Virginia.

The county and colony have been added for clarity to the heading on this draft.

[1] Richard Haynes was master of one of Carter's sloops. (See Carter to Richard Meeks, June 30, 1729 .)

[2] Cone (usually spelled "Coan" today) is in Northumberland County "on the east bank of the Coan River across the river from Bundick," north-northwest of Heathsville. (Miller. Place-Names . . . . p. 31. )

[3] Carter uses "brave" in the sense of "finely-dressed" meaning "splendid, showy, grand, fine, handsome." ( Oxford English Dictionary Online . Oxford University Press. )

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